Recruitment Analytics

If you can’t measure your performance, you can’t improve it.

NAS offers a variety of analytics offerings that can change the game for you in recruitment marketing. Ask yourself if you are able do the following with your current analytics:

  • Measure your key performance indicators
  • Evaluate past efforts to plan for the future
  • Gain real-time access for data review and sharing
  • Achieve full visibility, including track to hire

The KPIs we can bring you: Application Conversion, Time to Fill, Mobile versus Desktop, Media Spend Analysis, Cost per Apply, Cost per Hire, Candidate Source and Career Page Conversion

Here’s how we’ll Bring analytics to life for you

  1. Select

    We’ll determine what analytics package is right for you based on your goals, your career site and your tech stack.

  2. Track

    We’ll implement tracking, set up a dashboard and show you how to get the most out of your new data.

  3. Advise

    Our experts will hold quarterly meetings with your team to provide actionable insights, strategies and plans.

Contact NAS Recruitment Innovation to schedule a NAS MediaPro demo.