Employment Branding

Let's Tell Your Story

NAS will uncover your employment value propositions and create an employment brand that serves as the centerpiece of your candidate attraction strategy.

Employment Branding Can:

Lead to 50% More Qualified Applicants

Decrease Cost Per Hire By 43%

Reduce Employee Turnover By 28%

Brands We've Built

Employment brand developed by NAS Recruitment Innovation

Mom365 Moments

Working for Mom365 as a part-time Newborn Photographer is all about capturing the “moment” for new parents. But it is also about the moments that can be important in the careers of those who join the organization: their skills and sales training, earning potential and enjoyment of a job that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

With the “Mom365 Moments” brand concept, we showcase some of client’s photography and use our headline to sell the job and tell candidates what’s in it for them. The brand is visible on the Mom365 career site and ACTIVATE® platform, and has been used extensively in recruitment marketing campaigns that target likely candidates.

Employment brand developed by NAS Recruitment Innovation


Oregon Health & Science University is a premier career destination located in Portland, Oregon. The organization’s focus on world-class research, teaching and healthcare makes it a draw locally in countless disciplines, as well as internationally for research and faculty professionals. They have an amazing story to tell.

Our brand theme (CAREERSOHSU) conveys the very simple idea that you can elevate your career to an exponential level as part of OHSU. The concept is expanded with headlines that have the flexibility to communicate different value propositions and is illustrated with compelling photography that shows the people of OHSU in action.

  • Discovery

    It all starts with learning about you. Our flexible discovery process can include meetings with your Talent Acquisition and Marketing teams, review of existing intelligence, internal and external focus groups and employee surveys.

  • Concept

    Based on the employment value propositions we uncover, NAS will develop several concept choices that offer different ways to articulate your message to candidates, while following marketing guidelines.

  • Control

    Once we refine and finalize our employment brand, we’ll provide a guidelines document to keep everyone on message, at all times. It includes a rationale, specs, headlines and examples across media.

  • Launch

    We’ll start with your career site, align your social media platforms and build a toolkit of online and offline deliverables. We’ll also help with internal communications to inform your team about the new brand.